We build on your foundation.

You’ve done a multitude of things well in building your company to where it is today. More than anyone, we understand that. We’ve been in your shoes. Our philosophy in acquiring a business is to continue to build on your successes and utilize the people who have contributed to that success.

As part of the Wilson family of businesses, we strive for integrity, good business ethics and strong values. We are interested in working with companies that display a similar entrepreneurial spirit, built on a solid ethical foundation.

Some of the criteria that we look for when evaluating a business opportunity are:

  • Demonstrated business model with revenues
  • Manufacturing, technology, or service based
  • Products with high growth potential (early in their product life cycle)
  • Small- to mid-size businesses
  • Products or companies


We want to continue the legacy that you’ve worked so hard to create by building on your businesses existing strengths, engaging your employees and enhancing your brand for long-term success.

Whether you’re a family-owned business in need of an exit strategy, or an entrepreneur who is ready to move on to your next big idea, we’d like to discuss your business, product or vision with you.